The Most Delicious Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe -

The Most Delicious Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe

you’ll enjoy this chicken curry without onion recipe as much as the classic chicken curry with rich, spicy onion gravy.

What Is Chicken Curry?

Chicken curry is a comforting dish made up of chicken, curry leaves, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. It’s served in many parts of the world. Popular chicken curry recipes are made from the east coast to the west coast in different countries. Let’s also discuss how to make a Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe

Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe
Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe

Chicken Curry without Onion and Garlic:

This is a recipe for a chicken curry made without onion and garlic. This is not a very complicated recipe but it does require some time to cook. Following are the recipe to cook it in an easy way.


  • Oil
  • 6 to 7 tomatoes
  • one kg chicken
  • salt
  • Qorma masala from market
  • Green chilies 3 to 4
  • sprinkle fresh coriander

How to Make Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe


Take the oil in the pan.

Take oil into the pan
Take oil into the pan


Add one spoonful of salt to the oil so that all the things do not get stuck in the pan.



Wash the chicken well and add it to the heated pan and make it until it becomes golden brown

Chicken in pan
Chicken in pan


Add tomatoes to it when the chicken becomes golden brown



Add Qorma masala or karahi masala or Curry masala according to your taste if not available add spices(Salt, pepper, Red chili, and turmeric powder in it for the taste)



Make it until the oil separates, then add water to it for the desired curry after you remove it from the stove.

Oil separates from the curry
Oil separates from the curry


sprinkle Fresh coriander over it and serve.



  • First, take a pan and add one and a half cups of oil to it.
  • Add salt to it so that it does not get stuck in the pan after that add chicken to it and make it until become golden brown then add tomatoes and masala(Chicken masala, curry masala, qorma masala).
  • If not available add one spoonful of pepper, red chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and salt for the desired taste.
  • Then after 10-15 minutes when the oil is separated from the other ingredients indicate that your chicken is made.
  • Then add one cup of water after 5 minutes remove it from the stove and sprinkle fresh-cut coriander over the chicken.
Chicken Curry without Onion Recipe



What does Onion do in curry?

Every curry can be thickened with onions and tomatoes. Your gravy will be thicker if your onions are cut into smaller portions. To achieve a thick and rich curry, onions should be finely diced or chopped before making the curry.

How can I make the chicken curry taste better?

Start your curry by releasing the flavor of the whole spices in hot oil. Pick the ideal base for your cuisine from cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and seeds. The best option is fresh spices, which preserve longer in the freezer.

Why is my chicken curry not tasty?

After adding the spices, most people tend to rush. The taste of the chicken curry won’t be as rich as you want it to be if you don’t allow the spices to absorb into the onions or other spice mixtures, whether you’re using spice pods or powder.

Do onions make curry sweet?

Even though using more onions makes the curry taste better, using too many might make the curry taste overly sweet and overshadow other flavors.

Can you leave onions out of a recipe?

Yep. Keep in mind that if you omit the onions, you might need a sweetener.

What is the secret ingredient for curry?

That is not really a secret because I add spices like tamarind for sourness and cumin, mustard, and coriander for flavor.

What can replace onion and garlic?

Chives. In your master plan to avoid using garlic or onions, chives can be a respectable replacement.

What is the most important ingredient in curry?

Turmeric, the primary component of curry powder, gives it its distinctive yellow color but little flavor. Fenugreek, cumin, and coriander are among the spices that give the mixture its mild flavor.

What makes curry delicious?

The flavor combinations that result from the use of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind, and other bitter ingredients are attained anywhere else in the world.

Should you add milk to the curry?

If you’ve really gone crazy with the heat, you can also add milk to the curry or chili base. A dollop of yogurt or soured cream works wonderfully on Indian-style curries and chilies. After adding the base, gently simmer it; do not boil it as it may split.

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