Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe ||The Most Mouth-Watering French Blueberry Jam Recipe -

Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe ||The Most Mouth-Watering French Blueberry Jam Recipe

Make this delicious, homemade frozen blueberry jam recipe with just a few simple ingredients. Enjoy the sweet and tart flavors of summer all year long in this easy-to-follow recipe. Store your jam in the freezer for up to six months and enjoy.

Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe
Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe

Preparing homemade jams is something very simple and with spectacular results since the flavor of the blueberry jam has nothing to do with commercial jams that you can buy.

In this award-winning blueberry jam recipe, we are going to prepare a blueberry jam that has a very pleasant, slightly acidic taste. In addition to accompanying marvelously butter or cheese toast, it is also used to garnish a sponge cake or to cover a type of cake, like cheesecake.

When making unique blueberry jam recipes, we don’t need to grind the mixture once the jam is made, since the skin and flesh of the blueberries dissolve almost completely and you end up with a jam without tripping. Let’s discuss in detail how to make Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe.


Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe
Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe

How to Make Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe


In this Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe, We will start by thoroughly washing 400 g of blueberries and putting them in a saucepan to make our own blueberry jam. On top, we pour 60 ml of lemon juice and 200 g of sugar.

In a saucepan, put the blueberries with the sugar and lemon juice
put the blueberries with the sugar and lemon juice


After thoroughly combining the blueberries and sugar, give the mixture about 30 minutes to marinade.

Let the mixture marinate for 30 minutes.
Let the mixture marinate for 30 minutes.


The blueberry-filled skillet was then heated to a medium-high temperature. Stirring occasionally to keep the mixture from sticking to the bottom, simmer the mixture for 35 minutes after lowering the heat to medium-low after it begins to boil.

Put the pan on the stove and cook the mixture over medium-low heat for 35 minutes.
Put the pan on the stove and cook the mixture over medium-low


You can use the plate test to determine whether the jam is ready after 35 minutes. This test is placing a spoonful of jam on a cold plate, allowing it to cool for 30 seconds, and then drawing a line with your finger along the center.

The jam is done when it stays separate; if it congeals, you should boil it for a few minutes longer.

Do the plate test to see if the jam is ready
Do the plate test to see if the jam is ready


When the jam is done, turn off the heat and pour it into a fresh jar. Before eating the jam, give it some time to cool. Serve Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe

When the jam is ready, put it in a clean jar and let it cool before consuming it. 

French Blueberry Jam Recipe


How do you use frozen blueberries to make jam?

Berries should be taken out of the freezer. Put the frozen berries in a heavy-bottomed flare pot or jam pan and cook it gently. The berries will start to leak as they defrost, leaving the liquid in the bottom of the pan. Until the berries’ juices are released, stirring frequently.

Can you make jam from berries that have been frozen?

I make jam from frozen fruit, and it tastes almost as good as jam from fresh fruit—certainly better—than jam that has been stored for a year. I don’t let the fruit defrost before using it, and I feel that if it’s going to be successfully utilized for jam production, it needs to be plucked dry and frozen fast.

Can I replace fresh blueberries in a dish with frozen ones?

yes, you can replace fresh blueberries with frozen ones. Although fresh fruit cannot entirely be replaced by frozen fruit, most of your baking endeavors will benefit greatly from the use of frozen berries.

Can I use frozen blueberries for jelly?

In this recipe, I’ve used frozen blueberries, but you may also use fresh blueberries if they are in season. Frozen jam has the advantage of being more affordable and available all year round, not just during fruit season.

Is it okay to use frozen blueberries?

From oatmeal to pies, muffins to salads (yes, salads! ), frozen blueberries perform unexpectedly well in meals that you may have previously only used fresh berries in.

Is pectin necessary for freezer jam?

A particular low-sugar or no-sugar pectin is required, nevertheless. Don’t try to lower the sugar in a standard freezer jam recipe.

What is the difference between freezer jam and regular jam?

Freezer jam is a fresh fruit-based, no-cook jam. In contrast to ordinary (cooked) jam, this jam tastes extremely fresh because it isn’t cooked. Also, because it is uncooked, it must be placed in the freezer rather than on a shelf in the pantry for long-term storage.

Does freezing blueberries destroy their antioxidants?

The antioxidant activity of blueberry anthocyanin extracts was measured, and the results revealed no discernible difference between fresh, dried, and frozen blueberries.

How do you defrost frozen blueberries?

Pour the frozen berries into a bowl and cover with cold water rather than microwaving them, which could result in soggy berries. One cup of frozen blueberries will defrost using this in around five minutes.

Do frozen blueberries get mushy?

The blueberry flavor will remain unchanged, but the texture will change. They dehydrate after freezing, just like all fruit. They work well in recipes for baking, cooking, and smoothies.

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