Hard Rock Restaurant Sessions, Music, Grills and Burgers With Ibiza, Marbella, and Tenerife, Madrid is the fourth Spanish city to have a Hard Rock hotel, one of the best-known companies in the world. In fact, it is present in 69 different countries with a business conglomerate that includes hotels, casinos, cafes, performance halls, and shops.

Hard Rock Cafe Spain The one in the capital of Spain is located very close to the famous “triangle of art“, practically opposite the Reina Sofa museum (next to the Thyssen and the Prado, the third most important art gallery in the city ). It is not uncommon to find a large number of foreigners attracted by the offer and the popularity of the establishment in its lobby (on which hangs a curious and colossal sculpture in the shape of a guitar). And it is the music that is present throughout the hotel, from the contemporary art paintings hanging on the walls to the soundtrack that plays as soon as you arrive. The music experience reaches the point where guests can enjoy curated playlists in their rooms or even play electric guitar.

This is what makes Hard Rock unique and different. You see it as soon as you cross the hall, where there is iconic musical memorabilia (from an Antonio Vega acoustic guitar to a Miguel Ros leather jacket or David Bowie platform boots), which are part of one of the most valuable collections in the world: it started with an Eric Clapton guitar, and today they have more than 86,000 pieces that are exhibited in the different establishments.

Hard Rock restaurant sessions, music, grills and burgers

American and Mediterranean

hard rock restaurants ac Sessions is the name given to the Madrid Hard Rock restaurant. In a statement made by the hotel, they describe an American eatery where the decor was “inspired by a Spanish guitar and playlists that were built in partnership with narrators, a music historian, and a musician.” The Rockwell Group, the group of interior designers who created it, wanted to experiment with textures and hues that changed during the day. Hard Rock Buffet hours: the restaurant serves all of the gastronomic staples of a place like this: breakfast, brunch, aperitifs, lunch, and dinner. It is open from seven in the morning until seven at night. For this, it features a cozy indoor area as well as a terrace outside with views of the garden and swimming pool.

Refreshing Salad at Hard Rock Sessions

Chef Juan Hely Pérez, a professional with a long career in a considerable number of catering businesses around the nation, is in charge of making feasible a culinary offer that takes into account so many distinct offers (especially from the Canary and Balearic Islands). He also served as executive chef at the Larrumba group’s Habanera Colón restaurant.

In the Hard Rock Hotel menu here, Juan Hely selects a menu where modernized dishes, traditional Mediterranean flavors, and traditional dishes from around the world coexist. Additionally, there is no shortage of Spanish cuisine, including dishes with local cheeses and sparkling bread or Iberian sausages.

Hard Rock Cafe nice menu you can start with a variety of suggestions for sharing, some of which come in half portions so you can try more things, including ham croquettes with romesco sauce, pork gyozas, tartars (beef or salmon), artichokes with grilled meat, patatas bravas, or Russian salad with red tuna. Or request a sampling of local cheeses or the previously mentioned Iberian sausages (ham, chorizo, tenderloin).

There is also a part dedicated to rice meals, which are created in the traditional square box known as a llauna and are embellished by Kiko Moya in L’Escaleta in Cocentaina, Alicante. In the llauna itself (in our instance, the rice was slightly overdone), seoret (with its own shellfish), mushrooms, sweet lobster, or land (with artichokes and sirloin with rosemary) are served in large servings.

With the scent of embers

The meats and fish cooked over the embers of the Josper oven, one of the most blatant culinary trends of recent years, highlight the ten seconds. Because it gives nearly any product, from veggies and mushrooms to protein, seafood, or dairy, various subtleties, many chefs have bought into its use.


Using this technique, Sessions prepares hake, served with a seafood sauce with beurre blanc sauce, Norwegian salmon with endives (also grilled) and toasted butter, or even tuna parpatana (the tastiest part of tuna).

350 gram rib steak in Hard Rock Sessions

The oxtail, served with roasted sweet potatoes and spinach, the Iberian pork secret, and the beef tenderloin, is all included in the meat (all meats come with a separate garnish). The most iconic American cuts are indisputable, like the 350-gram rib steak, the 1 kg T-bone (a gigantic steak created in the USA that comprises loin and sirloin), and the Sessions hamburger, which is served on brioche bread with spicy mayonnaise and pickle relish sauce. The meat quality is unquestionably noticeable in the delectable burger, which is juicy, delicious, and expertly grilled over a charcoal barbecue. It is unquestionably one of the fundamental dishes.

Dessert at Sessions Hard Rock restaurant in Madrid

With the sweets, only a Yankee proposal, the carrot cake, and the rest of the international desserts, like the cheesecake, the five-chocolate cake, or the selection of ice creams, In the cellar, wines by the glass and a very small selection of wines (we understand that many customers are more interested in beers and soft drinks) are charged at exorbitant prices.

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