How to Make Mexican Churros Recipe Like a Pro in 10 minutes -

How to Make Mexican Churros Recipe Like a Pro in 10 minutes

The Mexican churros recipe is really fascinating to see how, with only 3 basic ingredients such as water, flour, and salt, we can obtain delicious homemade churros.

Mexican churros recipe
Mexican churros recipe

This skillet candy is in an extended form or a Lazo form. It is mainly eaten at breakfast or as a snack, accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate, a café au lait, or simply on its own.

Homemade Churros are so integrated into our gastronomy that you might think they are a typical Spanish product, although the reality is that churros are also widely consumed in Latin America, Portugal, France, the Philippines, Belgium, and parts of the United States.

The preparation of churros is very simple but several factors must be taken into account to obtain get perfect churros. Regarding the flour, it is better flour strength because it contains a higher percentage of gluten, which allows it to absorb more water and the dough adheres better, obtaining a better texture.

The best tool for making churros is the churrera, which is also the safest since, due to its cylindrical shape and its method of extrusion using a piston fitted with a fluted nozzle at the end through which the dough comes out, we understand that the churro does not contain air which could explode when frying.

Also, with the churrera, we get the churros to come out with a deeper groove that makes them better cooked while frying, keeping them from being raw on the inside and crispier on the outside.  

These tips and many more to make Mexican churros recipe easy at home are waiting for you in the step-by-step that I detail below so that you can do the best homemade churros that you have done so far. Let’s Discuss in detail the Mexican churros recipe.


  • 350ml water
  • 4g of salt
  • 250g strong flour
  • Lots of olive oil for frying
  • White sugar for sprinkling

How to Make Mexican Churros Recipe


The first step is to bring to a boil 350 ml of water and 4 g of salt. As soon as the water begins to boil, add 250 g of sifted flour all at once.

Saucepan with boiling water and blanched flour
Saucepan with boiling water and blanched flour


With the help of a wooden spoon, we begin stirring the flour into the water right away.

Process of mixing water with flour
Process of mixing water with flour


We keep going until we have a homogeneous material that is lump-free, has a pretty dense texture, and is completely non-sticky.

The appearance of churros dough
The appearance of churros dough


We fill the churrera with the dough once it has been prepared. Because there is a chance that the churros may come out of the pastry bag with a looped nozzle with air pockets that could explode during frying, it is crucial to use this particular tool and avoid using it.

Churrera loaded with churro batter
Churrera loaded with churro batter


In a pan, heat a lot of olive oil. We shape the churros during this period so that they are ready when the oil reaches 190°C. For precision, I use a kitchen thermometer, but you can simply verify the temperature of the oil by adding a small amount of batter; if it floats, the temperature is correct.

Formation of churros with churrera
Churrera loaded with churro batter


To prevent the temperature of the oil from dropping too much, add the churros in groups of four once it is hot. Give them a few minutes to cook, just enough time for them to get a delicious golden color.

The homemade churros frying process
The homemade churros frying process


When the churros have finished cooking, take them out of the oil and set them on paper towels to absorb any extra oil.

Homemade churros on absorbent paper
Homemade churros on absorbent paper


We sprinkle white sugar on the churros while they’re still warm and eat them any way we like—with a café au lait, a hot chocolate, or just by themselves. They taste great!

Mexican churros recipe
Mexican churros recipe
Mexican churros recipe


What are Mexican churros made of?

The choux pastry is made with water, flour, butter, sugar, salt, and vanilla. The flavor and texture of a cream puff or eclair are the same as this simple dough, which is made on the stove. Eggs – While some churro recipes omit eggs, I believe they are essential for creating rich, fluffy churros.

What is the difference between Mexican churros and Spanish churros?

Mexican churros and Spanish churros are extremely comparable. Spanish churros are served with a rich chocolate dipping sauce and are dusted with sugar. Mexican churros are covered in a cinnamon-sugar mixture and can be eaten simply or with toppings like chocolate, caramel, or whipped cream.

What is churro batter made of?

The ingredients for this recipe are straightforward cupboard and refrigerator basics (milk, eggs, butter, flour, salt, sugar, and cinnamon), and we use the same dough for both Cream Puffs and Eclairs.

Are churros traditionally fried or baked?

A churro is a sort of fried dough from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine that is created from choux pastry dough and is piped into hot oil with a piping bag and a large closed star tip or another similar form.

What is churro dough?

The ChurrDoughs is a brand-new type of sweet treat from Krispy Kreme; they are individually swirled in cinnamon sugar and topped with a selection of unusual ingredients.

Why are churros so expensive?

One factor is that they take a lot of time to create. The dough must be fried in hot oil before being dusted with cinnamon and sugar. As this procedure takes some time, the finished snack is more expensive. The expense of the ingredients themselves is another factor contributing to the high cost of churros.

Are churros sweet or sour?

Churros are delicious, but they aren’t naturally sweet; most of their sweetness comes from cinnamon sugar. Churro dough, which is composed of flour, water, and a trace of sugar, can be used as a base for both sweet and savory toppings.

How do you keep churros crispy?

If you intend to eat them quickly, keep them on the counter in an airtight container. Churros will keep for a few days on the counter, but keep in mind that as they sit, they will soften. Since they will soften and lose some of their crunches, storing them in the refrigerator is not advised.

Are Mexican churros healthy?

Churros aren’t really nutritious, despite the fact that they may be tasty. Up to 200 calories and 10 grams of fat can be found in one churro. The oil that the churros are fried in is where the majority of the calories and fat are found. With up to 7 grams of sugar per churro, churros are also heavy in sugar.

Can you freeze churros before frying them?

Churros should be frozen before frying: On a piece of parchment, pipe 6″ long, straight lines with the batter. Put the pan with the parchment on it in the freezer. Churros should be frozen for 20 to 30 minutes, or until they are firm enough to be removed from the parchment.

Are churros meant to be crispy?

Churros have a crunchy outside and a soft interior. They make a delicious snack or dessert with the appropriate amount of sweetness and chewiness when dunked in your favorite sauce after being dusted with sugar and cinnamon.

What makes churros so good?

Finding high-quality oil is the key to making the perfect churro. The ingredients needed to make the fried dough combination are water, butter, sugar, salt, and flour. It can be given the ideal flavor and texture using vanilla and egg.


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