Restaurant Eat Drink Love, the verb transformed into a tavern -

Restaurant Eat Drink Love, the verb transformed into a tavern

Restaurant Eat Drink Love When walking through the Alameda de Valencia, parallel to the old bed of the Turia river, it is impossible not to stop at the abundant gastronomic offer that exists. With luck, you will find local establishments of all kinds which, with luck, will invite you to enjoy the terraces and the old bed of the Turia river. Stopping at the door to Eat, Drink, and Love, at number 38, Quico Vidal’s restaurant, is our goal today. He, a former professional in the world of Valencian wines, decides to change his professional course and embrace one of his great passions, gastronomy., opening in 2003 a tavern that is actually much more than that: it is a refuge from so much absurdity for those who want to have a good time. Its thing is not to attract attention from its facade, devoid of posters, captivating for its terrace, but to do it for what is inside, a familiar and close atmosphere that sometimes blurs the lines that separate the catering from the heat of the house.

Eat, Drink, Love wall art Located at the corner of a contemporary building, in a place that was once a delicatessen, Vidal found a space where he could give free rein to his edible imagination, the one that was born between walks in the Central Market of the city. He surrounded himself with a team of professionals honed over time and undertook to put his own philosophy into practice. Today it sees itself more as a Chinese vase than anything else, but with Tomás Ortega as room manager and partner, and with Mariola Wisniewska as head chef, customers come and go non-stop, spreading word of mouth. The response to agitation, is always synonymous with success.

Restaurant Eat Drink Love

Here we find a varied, changing, and, above all, a very tasty menu that navigates between simple classics and more current ideas that perfectly reflect Quico’s identity. The restaurant has become the ideal destination for those looking for the best raw materials. And so it is that some of the best products that can be found in the Valencian Community and beyond parade there, a show in sight in the same bar.

Restaurant Eat Drink Love

Lo de Comer Beber Amar is a clear commitment to the best quality products and traditional cuisine, which have been prepared in good taverns, combined with the latest ideas without losing a characteristic simplicity. All this is to give birth to dishes of Mediterranean inspiration that take advantage of the benefits of the orchard, the sea, and the farms but are also of an international nature, giving a touch of very suggestive fusion cuisine. Here there are snack classics such as croquettes, salad, or the real braves in times of spicy taboos, cold cuts, and selected sausages like this cecina with a smoked lion which accompanies prodigious artichokes or its scrambled eggs with mushrooms with macerated yolk in soy and Iberian ham. In addition, the spoon in the cold season is gaining importance taking advantage of excellent legumes, for example, with its caviar lentils with prawns or with chickpeas with sobrassada.

Fresh seafood at the Eat Drink Love bar

It is clear that Quico and his team feel true devotion to the sea, which they feed on to offer shellfish and fish. The prawns of Denia parade there already converted into a maritime icon of Valencian and Spanish gastronomy and prepared with different techniques and great care, the delicious tellinas or prawns, another of the most essential products that can be found, for example, in his already popular tomato tartare with prawns and white garlic. Galician razor clams, Carril clams, oysters, lobsters… The saline is omnipresent and to taste the fish dishes, always buzzing from the nearby fish markets, which provide the restaurant with spectacular pieces: grilled sea bream with roasted cauliflower, grouper on roasted cauliflower, turbot with leek fondue… Rice dishes, being with us, could not fail to be the safe bet of any meal, whether dry or with a spoon: traditional paella, seafood, senyoret, lobster, rossejat, or sweet like pheasant or fideuás to taste this traditional seafood cuisine.

Fish dish in Eat Drink Love

In the meat department, Quico and his team do not budge an iota from the guidelines that govern this menu, always to the detriment of the market. From the most orthodox cutlets, for example, of the old cow or the Angus, to the classic figatells of the Valencian cuisine, to the cannelloni of poularda or the taco with ribs and achiote, Eat Drink Love turns out to be a restaurant with a thousand and one faces, were behind an apparent simplicity hides the love and passion for a job well done.

Octopus with foie gras and peppers at Eat Drink Love

Given Vidal’s cover letter, anyone can assume that the quality of the wine section is also high, with local and foreign references that guarantee variety and the perfect match for any occasion, to which we can add the work of the cocktail bar, where they offer classics that ensure the best after-dinner experience. For dessert, a unique and original version of cheesecakes or chocolate cakes, an apple strudel, or strawberries from the Canals were picked before dawn to guarantee their quality. “Existence” only has meaning in these three verbs.

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